Ban Guns? Make Knives.

Ban Guns? Make Knives.

By January 25, 2016 Groovy Posts

Today you can print your own gun on a Maker-Bot. While I have played around with 3-D printing, I am more interested by the old technologies found in the very groovy Track of the Wolf catalog. The following information and photos contain ALL the necessary materials to make your OWN knives. Have fun, be safe, and don’t shoot me for telling how to do this.

(All pictures, besides the journal, are taken off of Track of the Wolf, Inc.) Here is their website.

The basics.

Diagrams of the knife blanks. Rivet and Drill bit numbers. Handle information with dimensions shown.

Materials (in order):

Knife blades –> I chose a paring knife and green river blade for blanks. A knife blank is raw steel, normally sharpened, but not yet ready for use.

Paring knife blank

Green River Knife blank

Knife handles –> Wide selection. I chose to go with Buffalo Horn and Cherry Wood. You could also go with G-10 or Micarta handles.

Buffalo Horn handles

Cherry Wood handles

Sheath –> I chose to go with Leather. You could also make a Kydex sheath, by using a heat gun or toaster oven. I will provide links to this.

Leather sheath

Here’s a link showing you how to make a simple kydex sheath.

Tools (in order of use):

Band-saw (can substitute with Dremel) –> used for cutting out handles

Dremel –> sanding, cutting.

Sandpaper –> for sanding rough edges after cutting the wood handles

Heat Gun/ Toaster Oven –> to soften the kydex for the sheath

PCB Solution or Nail Polish –> to acid etch the blade (make it look nice)

Here’s a link showing you how to correctly acid etch a knife blade.

Separate diagrams of each knife design.

Rough sketch of what the knives will look like when finished. I will attach actual photos.