Prayer Flag Race Canoe

Prayer Flag Race Canoe

By January 25, 2016 Groovy Posts

Flying on airplanes is something the groovy man likes. It signifies that his life is well-traveled and always in motion. Of course, if the groovyman had his way he would fly by canoe…” and so we began release 1.0 of in 1997.

The rationale for this preamble remains the simple fact that the canoe is one of the few ways to travel under your own power to places that remain untouched by peoplekind. Or is that genderfluidfellowship?


The point is our initial spirit lives on in our groovygrams. While technically we are taking some liberties by calling the We-No-Nah Minnesota II a pure “racing canoe,” we would not recommend a full-on racing hull in the wild. The blow and stern of the Minnesota II basically follow the original Jensen hull which remains the fastest way to slice through water with two paddles. Again NOT recommended for the BWCA unless you also enjoy snorkeling or scuba-diving.

Or have a prayer flag that functions underwater.