Grooviest Tuneage Online?

Grooviest Tuneage Online?

By February 5, 2016 Groovy Tunes

We once wrote a post about a burger joint called MyBurger. In a nutshell we said the concept was cute but the food was crap. This began a long and juicy line of comparo posts. Because comparisons become obsolete fast, we’ll start a new set now.

On that note, because hamburgers cannot play musical instruments allow us to provide a short, sizzlin’ guide to the grooviest streaming services. Now if they could just fix My Burger with take-out from Burger Jones drink AND food menu we’d really be grooving.

1. Spotify

Spotify: A veteran to the music world, great selection of music and the most popular with 60 million current members. The price for Spotify starts at $9.99 per month, but offers a discounted fee if you are a student ($4.99 a month with a special offer of $.99 for the first 3 months). As long as you don’t mind ads, it is also a free service.

Verdict: Groovy. 

2. Tidal

Tidal: First started by Aspiro (a Scandinavian company) and later taken under Jay-Z’s wing in early 2015 to revamp the application. This company offers higher quality sound at a competitive price, a reasonable $9.99 each month. Tidal’s exclusive content is what sets it apart from Spotify. Certain artists such as, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, have released videos only available on Tidal’s site.

Verdict: Groovy enough. 

3. Apple Play

Apple PlayBeen there done that, should have stuck with iTunes. Although veterans in the music industry, Apple has released a new music streaming website, which I’m not a fan of. Instead of allowing the user freedom to create their own playlists, Apple Play does it for you (they leave you no choice).

Only service that offers a family plan, but why? What kid wants their parents listening to Flatbush ZOMBiES? And kids will be pissed when they find Enya on their playists.