Bernie Should Not Have to Explain This

By April 15, 2016 Groovy Critic, Groovy Posts
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A little introduction about what’s going on between Hillary and Bernie, before we get to what a Superdelegate means. 

For the first part of the democratic primaries Hillary Clinton had taken the lead by a healthy amount, and due to this I began to lose hope for the democratic candidate we support, Bernie Sanders. However, that was until recently.

Bernie has gone on a winning streak, winning the last 7 states, and by some very serious numbers (which the media is trying to hide).

Had I regained hope for this year’s election, or was it simply false bliss. At some point I had to make the realization that Bernie Sanders was still significantly behind.

As of today

Bernie Sanders 

Total: 1,073

Total minus SD: 1,042


Hillary Clinton

Total: 1,761

Total minus SD: 1,292

This is largely in part due to one thing: superdelegates.

Superdelegates Explained

Superdelegates are distinguished party leaders and elected officials, who are free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination regardless of their state’s voting results. Some tend to support who their state supports, but that being said, many others tend to do the opposite. This happens to be the case with Bernie vs. Hillary.

Take Wyoming for example: On April 9th, Bernie won 55% of the vote and was awarded 7 total delegates, whereas Hillary won 44% of the votes and was awarded 11 total delegates. How so you might ask, well, we figure you can guess why.

In terms of pledged delegates Bernie is trailing Hillary by a little over 200, an amount that can easily be dealt with, within the next two caucuses.

However, the superdelegate system makes that goal almost impossible. Hillary currently has 469 superdelegates, to Bernie’s 31.

Pretty corrupt, am I right?

“Reasoning” for Superdelegates

Created after the 1968 democratic national convention, superdelegates are, according to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, in place to protect party leaders from running against grassroots activism.

Grassroots activism is when groups of like-minded people come together for a cause they believe in, and their causes are often directly opposed to the policies of the major political powers.

Bernie’s Stance

Now let’s look at what Bernie Sanders’ wants to change about our system: taxing the rich more, breaking up the big banks, climate change, and just better quality of life for the middle class in general.

What do all of these things have in common? They all take money of some sort away from the billionaires and political powers in this country.

Bernie Sanders wants to change what is happening in this country, and with his policies that would happen.

This is the opposite of what the political powers want, and this is what grassroots activism aims at. The democrats realized this was a possibility back in 1968, and if you look at the vote count of Bernie vs. Hillary, that is the case today.

Knowing this back then, those corrupt politicians created the “superdelegate,” and as Debbie Wasserman Shultz has said, they are in place to PREVENT this sort of thing from happening.

Take another look at that superdelegate count: Bernie 31, Hillary 469. Superdelegates are influencing what this country has become, a government for the people? I don’t think so.

A government for the rich and powerful?

Absolutely. Definitely not groovy.