A Breaking Bad Theory


For those of you unaware, Breaking Bad is undoubtedly the greatest television series ever created. It is constantly placed in top 10 lists, from websites, such as Metacritic and IMDb. Unfortunately, there are still some people who have not yet seen this series, and because of this we must forewarn you that this post will contain spoilers.

In other words, watch the series so that you may read this post without getting mad.

It is no secret that Walt transformed into a pretty heinous person towards the end of the show.

I mean imagine Mr. Rogers, or the friendly soft spoken high school teacher you once had, transforming into Scarface, drugs and violence included.

However, through this transformation we developed an attachment to him, never really labeling him as the bad guy, until we hear, “Baby Blue.”

Whether it was watching Jane choke on her own vomit or ordering the death of Gale, one would eventually realize his power as the bad guy. Anyway, how evil he became is not the reason I am writing this; it is a theory I developed about the series that if played out, could have changed the outcome of the series and everything revolving around Walt and Gus.

Think for a moment back to the scene where Walt watched Jane overdose in her unconscious state next to Jesse.

What would have happened had he not let her die?

Let’s say Walt decided to save her, and change the course of the series. It was obvious that Jesse had fallen deeply in love with Jane and nothing was going to change that.

Had Walt saved Jane, Jesse never would have started dating Andrea. She was the person who told Jesse about Combo’s killers, and because of this Jesse decided to “break the peace,” disobeying Gus’ orders.

This essentially forced Walt to save him by running over the two drug dealers who were about to kill Jesse in the shootout he would initiate. This was the point in the series when things truly started going downhill for both Walt and Jesse, and rightfully so.

Because the peace had been broken, it was in Gus’ best interests to murder Jesse, but more importantly Walt.

I could go on with the rest of the series but since you are still reading I assume you’ve already seen it. In short, if Walt had decided to save Jane, many lives would have been saved. Jesse never would have dated Andrea, and in turn never would have learned who killed Combo, and also who killed Tomás, Andrea’s 10 year old brother.

The peace never would have been broken, and the rest of Walt’s downfall never would have taken place.

Verdict: Groovy show, Groovy theory.