Mental Wealth: 1. ADHD

By May 1, 2016 Groovy Critic

Having a friend or family member with ADHD is no longer uncommon.

Studies show that there has been a 42% increase in the number of reported cases since 2003, making ADHD a disorder that about 11% of today’s adolescents have.

That sort of makes you think, what on earth could be causing such a drastic increase in these diagnoses?

Is this the cause of our recent technological boom, or could it just be that we, as a race, are raising our youngest generations to be dependent upon pills and medication to get through the day?

Or, the rise of technology.

The invention of the Smartphone, the desire for likes on social media, and the even more recent popularization of short, concise ways to receive information are all examples of recent technology booms.

Out of all these, though, there is only one possible outcome for what could be contributing to the recent spike. Take a look at websites like twitter or vine, and applications like snapchat.

These three social media applications and websites all have one thing in common; they all use short means of communicating.

Tweets are a maximum of 140 characters, vine videos are never more than 7 seconds, and snapchat pictures and videos are shared for no more than a short moment.

This recent desire for obtaining information very quickly has begun to decrease our attention spans significantly.

In today’s society, it’s become the norm for any child age 12 and above to be glued to some electronic device; smartphone, tablet or laptop. Some form of social media. It’s not hard to imagine the effects that prolonged exposure could have on the developing mind of a child. Things like attention and retention are drastically affected.

These devices are the cause, and these services are only enabling this to happen.