Hip Hop has a New King

Hip Hop has a New King

By May 8, 2016 Groovy Tunes
joey badass

Basketball and Hip-Hop

In my mind, hip hop and basketball are inextricably related. While this is not exactly an earth-shattering insight, one makes me constantly think of the other. LeBron James, for example, was recently asked who was the greatest basketball player of all and he answered “myself.” When Michael Jordan was asked the same question he simply said that such things were for others to decide and that he could care less.

What does it mean to be King? And why does it matter so much?

Kendrick Lamar has an ego the size of Cowboys Stadium (where the Mavs would play if they had the fans). While a monstrously talented artist, he does not even wait to be asked who the current king of hip hop might be. His latest album may be the “greatest.” We know for sure that M.A.D.D. City is, at least, the greatest collection of mix tapes ever assembled into an album and pawned by a label.

But does that make Kendrick the King? Or just another LeBron?

I’d be inclined to hand Kendrick the title in spite of himself if it were not for another current artist who writes his own lyrics produces his own beats and kills it with his flow. Joey Bada$$ also deflects questions about his greatness like The Great One himself.

There I go, back to basketball.

Which means I send Kendrick off the court.

And let the lawyers fight over royalties.