Fighting Commonism. 1997 –

Fighting Commonism. 1997 –

By May 23, 2016 Groovy Past is about bvlog about fighting commonism. Online continuously since 11.12.97.

Commonists feel an overwhelming desire to enforce common standards while engaging in combative conversations with uncommon spirits. Freedom and happiness bother commonists because these things cannot be “scaled,” traded or sold. Of course not everyone sees the world this groovily, so allow us to give you two guidelines to the groovy life.

“Being” Groovy

oiuoiuoiuoiuoiuoiuoiu1) “Be and don’t seem” no matter how big your bank account. This statement paraphrases what Louis XIV of France said about being cool; this from the King who built the grandest pad in history. While Louis overspent, he remained supremely comfortable under his own wig.

2) Practice commercial disobedience. Given enough bank, anyone can buy or build the best of everything. It is groovier to load up on cachet for as little cash as possible (unless it concerns automobiles, as there is really no replacement for a Ferrari 275 GTO or any manner of Bugatti.)

Short of commercial disobedience, to get the best out of material goods or other things, it helps to spend your time, money and effort imaginatively. Groovyman can help you here as well. We suggest you: 1) always look for soul in things, 2) realize best bets are often pure breeds and 3) that cash alone can’t make you cool.

The Greatest American Novel illuminates that last point. The mogul could never buy off the girl and the author died bankrupt.

Grooviness is about following your muse and leaving materialism to its own devices. Sometimes it comes around, sometimes it doesn’t. It is only when you lose your way that you really pay. Pictured: Alternative ideas for by college bound kids. Original illustrations by David Van Geison of Lek, Holland.