Lucifer Roars like a Charger

Yes, yet another Hellcat post. This time though, the Charger.

The Hellcat in fury, in either iteration (Charger or Challenger) is like hearing Wagner in the original Teutonic. Caterwauling and over-the-top. While the Tesla has insane power, what it lacks, and this is important, is sound. The wail of a fueled V8 in full tune cannot be denied, and while the Hellcat wails, the Tesla trails, sounding like a modified Segway.

There are a variety of sounds from cars, but three stand apart. The indisputable magic from the enviable Porsche inline 6, the roar of a Ferrari V12, and the brute force of a V8. This belies what the sound of a fully spooled turbo says, and displacement be damned, this is music in crescendo, especially near redline.

And as for the Tesla, I don’t agree that it’s the future of cars. Yes it has looks, it is the fastest four door sedan in the world, but it sill sounds like a Segway. Piped in sound won’t change that.