Our Modern (Violent) Family

breaking bad

Why are families slowly becoming modern “violent” families? This evening I clicked from Breaking Bad to something else on Netflix. My recommended choices were serial killing (Dexter) pornography, sexual addiction, euthansia, perverted nurses and a cocktail of series on chemical addictions. Oh, and Breaking Bad, of course, features a hero that manufactures meth. After all, he has a family to feed, a few months to live and a degree in Chemistry from Caltech.

On a completely separate note, our favorite family series remains happens to be The Walking Dead (extremely graphic gore with zombies) after all these years. Thus it would appear that the next formula for Hollywood success might be a remake of Leave It To Beaver directed by Harmony Korine who is alive and well and not insulting anyone at the age of 43 it appears.’

Modern Violent Families. No end in sight. violent