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Baby Zebra Zen

  If you are having trouble writing something then consider “killing your darlings.” We’re quite certain this was the advice of William Faulkner. If this does not work then think of a joke whereby a young child sees his sister in the morning and hears the word “baby” for the first time, then goes to…


Aronofsky Makes Sequel With Mother!

spoiler alerts. not that it matters. read on: I remember Requiem for a Dream being a real downer which had shocking and degrading scenes because it was real. If Darren Aronofsky had followed that up with another hyper-realistic, life-is-horrible show he would have been the next Harmony Korine.  Instead he made Black Swan and sold out by…


Our Modern (Violent) Family

Why are families slowly becoming modern “violent” families? This evening I clicked from Breaking Bad to something else on Netflix. My recommended choices were serial killing (Dexter) pornography, sexual addiction, euthansia, perverted nurses and a cocktail of series on chemical addictions. Oh, and Breaking Bad, of course, features a hero that manufactures meth. After all, he has a family to…

joey badass

Hip Hop has a New King

Basketball and Hip-Hop In my mind, hip hop and basketball are inextricably related. While this is not exactly an earth-shattering insight, one makes me constantly think of the other. LeBron James, for example, was recently asked who was the greatest basketball player of all and he answered “myself.” When Michael Jordan was asked the same question he simply…


Castle Grande. Hillary’s First Crime.

What bothers us about the new Hillary is not so much that she left classified information on a public server but that she illegally “leveraged” the State Department for $155 million by pimping the highest foreign post in government. The real reason she set up a private server in the offices of the Clinton “Foundation” to…


Ban Guns? Make Knives.

Today you can print your own gun on a Maker-Bot. While I have played around with 3-D printing, I am more interested by the old technologies found in the very groovy Track of the Wolf catalog. The following information and photos contain ALL the necessary materials to make your OWN knives. Have fun, be safe, and don’t shoot me for…